Driver Details

Wacom Tablet Driver

Date:01/07/2024 Version:
WHQL Driver:Yes Provider:Wacom

Supported operating system:

Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 11 64-bit

Release note:
Changing the color Hue or Saturation now works correctly in Wacom Display Settings > Color Set.
You will no longer experience crashes with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter.
Intermittent "extra" clicks will no longer occur when using your pen in an application.

Supported Devices:
FT4222 Interface A
FT4222 Interface B
FT4222 Interface C
FT4222 Interface D
FT4222 Mode 3 Device
FT4222H Interface A
FT4222H Interface B
FT4222H Interface C
FT4222H Interface D
FT4222H Mode 3 Device
HID-Compliant Mouse
UMFTPD3A Programming Board
USB Serial Converter
USB Serial Converter A
USB Serial Converter B
USB Serial Converter C
USB Serial Converter D
USB Serial Converter E
USB Serial Converter F
USB Serial Converter G
Wacom multitouch monitor
Wacom Tablet

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