Driver Details

AMD Audio CoProcessor Driver

Date: 01/20/2022 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: AMD

Supported operating system:

Windows 10 32-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 11 64-bit

Release note:
Updated : OEM attributes and presets.

Fixed : Adding Support for Fusion Input DSP Dumps.

Fixed : Complete audio fail and failed to play test tone on 48Khz & 96Khz Format switching performed during playback with APO抯 SR.+ SP96 single LPAP on speakers enabled.

Fixed : Unit BSOD(0X3b)observed when run "Open and Close of the players" test.

Fixed : Raphael AM5 bring up support.

Fixed : Software Loopback Feature Implementation.

Fixed : Driver and JSON file changes to read supported Bluetooth Codecs information from DAT file.

Fixed : Yellow bang observed on ACP in Device Manager with STG binaries.

Fixed : LPAP function is not ready yet on ISVs project asking for FW APO integration support.

Fixed : Cortana Detections are not observed initially for some time after the driver installation, even VA setting are enabled.

Fixed : Improvements for RMB WoV Feature.

Fixed : BSOD observed 9F/0x133 w/ WinPVT.

Fixed : Observing issues while trasitioning from D3 to D0.

Fixed : System will auto play 1s previous audio when reopen audio/video file. (TC request for capturing SR API function call ).

Fixed : Allow hardware acceleration option is missing in audio control panel with ACP Ver_31.

Supported Devices:
AMD Audio CoProcessor

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