Driver Details

Intel RAID Controller Driver

Date: 11/23/2020 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Avago Technologies

Supported operating system:

Windows 10 64-bit

Release note:
Important Message to Customers applying updated MSFT Drivers:
As part of 7.12 and Phase 13 as well as future releases, the MegaRAID (MegaSas35.sys) and HBA (ItSas35.sys) drivers for Windows 10 and Windows Server have activated Microsoft security fixes.
Users deploying these drivers need to have reviewed KB4482887 before driver upgrade/installation.
If driver upgrade/installation is performed without correct OS patch level, system crash may be experienced.


1. DCSG00373446 - In FW update by OS defined IOCTL case, handle the case when there is a need of power on reset (POR)
2. DCSG00373438 - Host Trace Buffer - Change the trigger event from information to error

Supported Devices:
Avago Adapter, Crusader - StorPort
Avago Adapter, Harpoon - StorPort
Avago Adapter, Marlin - StorPort
Avago Adapter, Mercator - StorPort
Avago Adapter, Tomcat - StorPort
Avago Adapter, Ventura - StorPort
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe SAS38xx
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe SAS39xx
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS38xx
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS39xx
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS38xx
Broadcom Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS39xx
Broadcom MPT Endpoint (C010 No SES)
Broadcom MPT Endpoint (C012 No SES)
Broadcom PCIe Switch Management Port PEX880xx
Broadcom Synthetic Enabler Endpoint
Cisco 12G Modular SAS HBA (max 16 drives)
Cisco 12G Modular SAS HBA (max 26 drives)
Cisco 12G SAS HBA
Cisco 12G SAS HBA (16 Drives)
Cisco 9400-8E 12G SAS HBA
Cisco 9400-8I 12G SAS HBA
CYP 12-Port Switch
Dell HBA345 Adapter
Dell HBA345 Front
Dell HBA350i MX
Dell HBA355e Adapter
Dell HBA355i Adapter
Dell HBA355i Front
Intel(R) Integrated RAID Module RMSP3JD160J
Intel(R) RAID Controller RS3P4GF016J
Intel(R) RAID Controller RS3P4QF160J
Intel(R) RAID Controller RSP3GD016J
Intel(R) RAID Controller RSP3QD160J
Lenovo 1611-8P Synthetic Enabler EP
NVMe Placeholder
SAS 3808
SAS 3816
ThinkSystem 1611-8P PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch Adapter
ThinkSystem 430-16e SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
ThinkSystem 430-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
ThinkSystem 430-8e SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
ThinkSystem 430-8i SAS/SATA 12Gb Dense HBA
ThinkSystem 430-8i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
ThinkSystem 440-16e SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
ThinkSystem 440-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA

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