Driver Information

NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla/NVS Graphics Driver

Date: 04/06/2021 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: NVIDIA

Operating Systems:

Detailed Description
What’s New in Version R390 U17
This release adds security updates for driver components.
Windows 10 Open Issues in Version R390 U17
- [Assimilate Scratch]: The application may crash due to a kernel exception in the NVIDIA OpenGL driver. See “Open Issues in Version 392.59” on page 21 of Release Notes for more details.
- [Quadro M6000][Quadro Sync]: Unexpected flashing may appear on the display connected to the second GPU.
- Please consult your NVIDIA support team for details on resolving this behavior.
- [Multi-GPU Mosaic][Quadro Sync]: Application corruption and possible blue-screen crash occurs when enabling WARP while Mosaic and Quadro Sync are enabled.

Supported Devices
NVIDIA Quadro K2100M
NVIDIA Quadro K3000M
NVIDIA Quadro K3100M
NVIDIA Quadro K4000M
NVIDIA Quadro K4100M
NVIDIA Quadro K5000M
NVIDIA Quadro K610M
NVIDIA Tesla C2050
NVIDIA Tesla C2070
NVIDIA Tesla C2075
NVIDIA Tesla M2050
NVIDIA Tesla M2070
NVIDIA Tesla M2070-Q
NVIDIA Tesla M2075
NVIDIA Tesla M2090
NVIDIA Tesla S2050
NVIDIA Tesla X2070
NVIDIA Tesla X2090


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