Driver Information

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver

Date: 12/31/2020 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: NVIDIA

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 x64

Detailed Description
Fixed Issues

[GeForce Experience]: The FPS counter is activated and the overlay appears on Windows Mail and Calendar applications.[200682565]
[GeForce GTX 750 Ti]: Blue-screen crash (UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP) may occur. [3196164]
[GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]: The desktop screen may flicker. [3200599]
[GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]: The system may freeze with the screen displaying as solid color. [3203038]
[HDR]: With HDR enabled, black levels are incorrect, notably on LG OLED TVs. [200682795/ 3201305]
[Notebook][Lenovo Y740]: The notebook displays corruption after waking from sleep. [3178279]
Blue-screen crash (0x116) may occur upon resuming from sleep mode when three 4k monitors are connected. [3054239/3195884]
Known Issues

[X4: Foundations][Vulkan]: The game may crash on GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs. [3220107]
[X4: Foundations][Vulkan]: HUD in the game is broken. [3169099]
[Batman Arkham Knight]: The game crashes when turbulence smoke is enabled. [3202250]
[Detroit: Become Human]: The game randomly crashes. [3203114]
[Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game. [3152190]
[G-SYNC][NVIDIA Ampere/Turing GPU architecture]: GPU power consumption may increase in idle mode on systems using certain higher-refresh-rate G-SYNC monitors. [200667566]
[You-Tube]: Video playback stutters while scrolling down the YouTube page. [3129705]
[Notebook]: Some Pascal-based notebooks w/ high refresh rate displays may randomly drop to 60Hz during gameplay. [3009452]
[G-Sync][Vulkan Apps]: Performance drop occurs when using G-SYNC and switching from full-screen mode to windowed mode using the in-game settings. [200681477]
To workaround, either launch the game in windowed mode directly or disable G-SYNC.
[GeForce RTX 3070][Clone Mode]: When the resolution is set to 2560×1440 @ 144Hz, the performance state is stuck at maximum performance. [200678414]
[NVIDIA Turing or later][Windows Movies and TV Player]: When playing a 4k video in fullscreen mode on a 2560×1440 HDR monitor, the video extends beyond the edge of the screen. [3186830]

Supported Devices
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti


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