Driver Information

ZEBRA ZDesigner Printer Driver

Date: 09/14/2011 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: ZEBRA

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

Detailed Description
Change Log

1. The "Send File" feature for Mobile printers has been corrected
2. The GX420s is now supported
3. The "Send and Store" feature for Mobile printers has been corrected

Supported Devices
ZDesigner 105SL 203DPI
ZDesigner 105SL 300DPI
ZDesigner 110PAX3 203DPI
ZDesigner 110PAX3 300DPI
ZDesigner 110PAX3 600DPI
ZDesigner 110PAX4 203DPI
ZDesigner 110PAX4 300DPI
ZDesigner 110Xi4 203 dpi
ZDesigner 110Xi4 300 dpi
ZDesigner 110Xi4 600 dpi
ZDesigner 110XiIII Plus 200DPI
ZDesigner 110XiIII Plus 300DPI
ZDesigner 110XiIII Plus 600DPI
ZDesigner 140Xi4 203 dpi
ZDesigner 140XiIII
ZDesigner 140XiIII Plus
ZDesigner 170PAX3 203DPI
ZDesigner 170PAX3 300DPI
ZDesigner 170PAX4 203DPI
ZDesigner 170PAX4 300DPI
ZDesigner 170Xi4 203 dpi
ZDesigner 170Xi4 300 dpi
ZDesigner 170XiIII
ZDesigner 170XiIII Plus
ZDesigner 170XiIII Plus 200DPI
ZDesigner 220Xi4 203 dpi
ZDesigner 220Xi4 300 dpi
ZDesigner 220XiIII
ZDesigner 220XiIII Plus
ZDesigner 220XiIII Plus 300DPI
ZDesigner 2746e
ZDesigner 888-DT
ZDesigner 888-TT
ZDesigner 90XiIII
ZDesigner 90XiIII Plus
ZDesigner 96XiIII
ZDesigner 96XiIII Plus
ZDesigner DA402
ZDesigner EZ 320
ZDesigner GK420d
ZDesigner GK420d (EPL)
ZDesigner GK420t
ZDesigner GK420t (EPL)
ZDesigner GK888d
ZDesigner GK888d (EPL)
ZDesigner GK888t
ZDesigner GK888t (EPL)
ZDesigner GT800 (EPL)
ZDesigner GT800 (ZPL)
ZDesigner GX420d
ZDesigner GX420d (EPL)
ZDesigner GX420s
ZDesigner GX420s (EPL)
ZDesigner GX420t
ZDesigner GX420t (EPL)
ZDesigner GX430t
ZDesigner GX430t (EPL)
ZDesigner HC100 300 dpi
ZDesigner KR403
ZDesigner LP 2824
ZDesigner LP 2824 Plus (EPL)
ZDesigner LP 2824 Plus (ZPL)
ZDesigner LP 2824-Z
ZDesigner LP 2844
ZDesigner LP 2844-Z
ZDesigner Mobile Printer
ZDesigner MZ 220
ZDesigner MZ 320
ZDesigner P4T (CPCL)
ZDesigner P4T (ZPL)
ZDesigner QL 220/QL 220 Plus
ZDesigner QL 320/QL 320 Plus
ZDesigner QL 420/QL 420 Plus
ZDesigner QLn220
ZDesigner QLn320
ZDesigner R110PAX4 LH-203DPI
ZDesigner R110PAX4 LH-300DPI
ZDesigner R110PAX4 RH-203DPI
ZDesigner R110PAX4 RH-300DPI
ZDesigner R110Xi 200DPI
ZDesigner R110Xi 300DPI
ZDesigner R110Xi HF 200DPI
ZDesigner R110Xi HF 300DPI
ZDesigner R110Xi4 203 dpi
ZDesigner R110Xi4 300 dpi
ZDesigner R110Xi4 600 dpi
ZDesigner R110XiIII Plus
ZDesigner R170Xi 200DPI
ZDesigner R170Xi 300DPI
ZDesigner R2844-Z
ZDesigner R-402
ZDesigner R4Mplus
ZDesigner RP4T (ZPL)
ZDesigner RW 220
ZDesigner RW 420
ZDesigner RW4-PS
ZDesigner RZ400 200 dpi
ZDesigner RZ400 300 dpi
ZDesigner RZ600 200 dpi
ZDesigner RZ600 300 dpi
ZDesigner S400
ZDesigner S4M-203dpi EPL
ZDesigner S4M-203dpi ZPL
ZDesigner S4M-300dpi ZPL
ZDesigner S600
ZDesigner T402
ZDesigner TLP 2824
ZDesigner TLP 2824 Plus (EPL)
ZDesigner TLP 2824 Plus (ZPL)
ZDesigner TLP 2824-Z
ZDesigner TLP 2844
ZDesigner TLP 2844-Z
ZDesigner TLP 3842
ZDesigner TLP 3844-Z
ZDesigner Z4M 203DPI
ZDesigner Z4M 300DPI
ZDesigner Z4Mplus 203DPI
ZDesigner Z4Mplus 300DPI
ZDesigner Z6M 203DPI
ZDesigner Z6M 300DPI
ZDesigner Z6Mplus 203DPI
ZDesigner Z6Mplus 300DPI
ZDesigner ZM400 200 dpi (EPL)
ZDesigner ZM400 200 dpi (ZPL)
ZDesigner ZM400 300 dpi (ZPL)
ZDesigner ZM400 600 dpi (ZPL)
ZDesigner ZM600 200 dpi (EPL)
ZDesigner ZM600 200 dpi (ZPL)
ZDesigner ZM600 300 dpi (ZPL)


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