Driver Details

AMD Catalyst Display Driver

Date: 09/08/2011 Version: 8.892.0.0000
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: AMD

Supported operating system:

Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows 7 32-bit

Release note:
New Features:

1. Enables AMD HD 3D technology support on DisplayPort panels, such as the Samsung 750 and 950 series 3D displays

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7

1. STALKER C Call of Pripyat no longer hangs randomly when launching a new game or opening a previously saved game.
2. Scaling options are now correctly displayed when connecting a Digital monitor to the Display port on some video cards.
3. The following games no longer experience random hangs during game loading :
Call of Duty C Black Ops
F1 2010
Dungeon Siege 3
4. The following games no longer hang intermittently during gameplay:
Battlefield - Bad Company 2
Dead Rising 2
5. The following games no longer hangs while running the benchmark :
Serious Sam 2
Resident Evil 5
6. HAWX 2 no longer displays random flashing black pixels
7. Flashing pixel corruption is no longer experienced while playing F1 2010 and Dirt 2
8. The Windows Event Log no longer reports unwanted Distributed DCOM errors.
9. Negative Crossfire Scaling is no longer occasionally observed while playing EarthSim 2, Battle C Bad Company 2 , Metro and HAWX
10. Video corruption is no longer observed while playing full screen HD WMV format files using PowerDVD with Windows Aero Mode turned off.
11. Blank video playback is no longer observed when hardware accelerations is enabled in VLC 1.1.10
12. Dawn of War II C Retribution no longer exhibits a black screen when alt-tabbing in and out of the game
13. Random display corruption is no longer observed when playing WMV format files using Windows Media Player
14. City of Heroes no longer experiences stuttering after excessive use if in-game Anti-Aliasing slider

Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista

1. The screen no longer goes black on when the Aero Desktop is enabled on some Radeon products.
2. Lost Planet 2 no longer randomly crashes when running the benchmark

Supported Devices:
ATI Radeon HD 4580

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