Driver Information

NVIDIA Notebook Display Driver

Date: 03/16/2010 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: NVIDIA

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista
Windows 7

Detailed Description
NVIDIA GeForce 8M/GeForce 9M/GeForce 100M/GeForce 200M/GeForce 300M mobile video card version 197.16 WHQL driver for Vista/Win7 released on 30th Mar 2010.

What's New:

1. Added support for the following products:
GeForce GTS 360M
GeForce GTS 350M
GeForce GTS 250M
GeForce GT 335M
GeForce GT 330M
GeForce GT 325M
GeForce 310M
GeForce 305M
GeForce GTX 285M
Quadro FX 3800M
Quadro FX 2800M
Quadro FX 1800M
Quadro FX 880M
Quadro FX 380M
Quadro NVS 3100M
Quadro NVS 5100M
2. Adds notebook support for 3D Vision on external displays.
3. This driver package installs NVIDIA PhysX System Software v9.10.0129.
4. This driver package installs the HD audio driver, version for supported GPUs.
5. Adds GPU\acceleration for Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta.

Fixed IssuesCWindows Vista/Windows 7 32-bit
1. GeForce 9600M GT: The shortcut keys for selecting the color option in the NVIDIA Control Panel ?Adjust video color setting? page do not work.
2. GeForce 8600M GT: The mouse pointer disappears after switching the primary Dualview display to the external display and then back to the ?LVDS?.
3. Quadro FX 3700M: The Resize Desktop controls on the NVIDIA Control Panel\>Adjust Desktop Size and Position page do not work for 1920x1080 and 1920x810 resolutions.
4. Quadro FX 570M: The external display goes blank when set to either single\display or Dualview mode after hotplugging the DVI\HDMI cable.
5. The primary Clone mode display cannot be switched.

Supported Devices


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