Driver Details

S3 Graphics Chrome 400 Series Display Driver

Date: 10/19/2009 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: S3 Graphics, Inc.

Supported operating system:

Windows 7 64-bit

Release note:
S3 Chrome series video card version driver for Win7-64 released on 2nd Nov 2009.

What's new:

1. When connect HDMI only and set to native mode (1680x1050 BenQ X2200W), then open Utility-->Device Management page-->Advanced-->Define custom mode, click the "-" to change the custom mode and apply, desktop will auto expand after change custom mode.
2. Utility hotkey doesn't work on secondary device : Install driver 0084, Do LCD(p)+CRT extend, set the monitors to secondary: CRT in utility, pressing default hotkey to do rotation, LCD do rotation.
3. DirectX sample is over the desktop range at Customize mode when Connect HDMI and set HDMI only.
4. The movie image drag when press the MUTE button with playing movie clip by Windows Media Center.
5. Still show single link DVI mode after unplug single link DVI and then hot plug duallink DVI.

Supported Devices:
S3 Graphics Chrome 430 GT
S3 Graphics Chrome 430 ULP
S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP
S3 Graphics Chrome 440 GTX
S3 Graphics Chrome 440/430 Series
S3 Graphics CHROME 500 Series

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