Driver Information

Genius ioCentre Software

Date: 04/27/2010 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Genius

Operating Systems:

Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Detailed Description
Genius Ergo 520 mouse version 1.3.01 driver for WinXP/XP-64/Vista/Win7 released on 9th July 2010.

Supported Devices
BT Dongle
EasyTrack 525
Ergo 325 Laser Enhanced Device
Ergo 520
Ergo 523 Laser
Ergo 525
Ergo 525 2.4G
Ergo 525V Laser
Ergo 525X Laser
Ergo 725 Laser
Ergo 825 Laser
Ergo R5100
Ergo R8000
Ergo T355 Laser Enhanced Device
Ergo T555 Laser Enhanced Device
ErgoMedia 823 Laser
ErgoMedia R8000
Genius EasyTrack Optical Mouse
Genius NetScroll+ Optical Mouse
Genius PowerScroll NB Eye Mouse
Genius USB Wheel Mouse
Genius WebScroll+
Genius Wireless Optical Mouse
KB 600
LuxeMate 3000
LuxeMate 600 Laser
LuxeMate 635 Laser
LuxeMate 720 Laser
LuxeMate 800
LuxeMate 820
LuxeMate T830
Micro Traveler 900LS
Micro Traveler 900S
Mini Navigator
Mini Navigator 900
Navigator 335
Navigator 365 Laser
Navigator 525 Laser
Navigator 600
Navigator 635 Laser
Navigator 805
Navigator 820
Navigator 900G Laser
Navigator 900X
Navigator G500
Navigator T835 Laser
Navigator T835 Laser V2
NetScroll Eye
NetScroll G500 Laser
NetScroll Optical Mouse
NetScroll T220 Enhanced Device
NetScroll T220 Laser Enhanced Device
NetScroll T355 Laser Enhanced Device
NetScroll+ Eye Mouse
NetScroll+ Mini Traveler
NetScroll+ NB Eye Mouse
NetScroll+ NB MOuse
NetScroll+ Superior
NetScroll+ Traveler
PowerScroll/WebScroll+ Series USB Mouse
RF PowerScroll NB Eye Mouse
RF WebScroll+ NB Eye Mouse
Scroll Mouse
Scroll Mouse II (3D3B) Mouse
Scroll Mouse II (3D5B) Mouse
Scroll Mouse II (4D3B) Mouse
Scroll Mouse II (4D5B) Mouse
Scroll Mouse(3D3B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(3D5B)
Scroll Mouse(3D5B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(4D3B)
Scroll Mouse(4D3B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(4D5B)
Scroll Mouse(4D5B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(W3D3B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(W3D5B)
Scroll Mouse(W3D5B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(W4D3B)
Scroll Mouse(W4D3B16) Enhanced Device
Scroll Mouse(W4D5B)
Scroll Mouse(W4D5B16) Enhanced Device
ScrollToo 800
ScrollToo T355 Laser Enhanced Device
ScrollToo T955 Laser Enhanced Device
SlimStar 600 Laser
SlimStar 620 Laser
SlimStar 720 Laser
SlimStar 820
SlimStar 820V
SlimStar i820
SlimStar R610
Traveler 320
Traveler 350
Traveler 355 Laser
Traveler 515 Laser
Traveler 525 Laser
Traveler 900
Traveler T925 Laser Enhanced Device
TwinTouch 600
TwinTouch 720e
TwinTouch 750e Laser
TwinTouch LuxeMate
TwinTouch SE
WebScroll+ NB Eye Mouse
Wireless Mini Navigator
Wireless Navigator
Wireless NetScroll+ Superior
Wireless NetScroll+ Traveler
Wireless Optical Pro
Wireless Scroll Mouse
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office KB-12e
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office KB-16e
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office KB-19e
Wireless TwinTouch+ Optical Value


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